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Gov. Corbett Insists on Full Privatization of Pa. Liquor Store System

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- Governor Tom Corbett is reaffirming his commitment to full privatization of liquor sales in Pennsylvania, as he continues his effort to generate support for his proposal to use the proceeds for education.

Today, Corbett surrounded himself with school board officials and educators from around the state, in an attempt to show support for his proposal to use money raised by selling liquor store licenses for an education block grant program.

But even before he made his privatization proposal late last month, legislative leaders –- including the state House speaker -- signalled that modernizing liquor sales, such as allowing beer and wine sales in grocery stores, seems more likely than full privatization.

But today, the governor reiterated his desire to eliminate the state store system:

"Do you remember in my speech last week, I talked about... let's go forward, let's not tinker around the edges? Let's go forward?"

Corbett's proposal would designate the proceeds from liquor licenses to be used for education grants in several focused areas, such as school safety and individualized learning programs.

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