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Got A Parking Ticket? Get Free Noodles!

By Chelsea Karnash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Parking tickets and noodles have absolutely nothing to do with each other, unless you're in Philadelphia right now.

Notoriously eccentric Han Chiang, owner of Philly's beloved Han Dynasty restaurants, is offering up free Dan Dan noodles "for a limited time" to anyone who stops into the restaurant and shows him a parking ticket.


Because according to Han's Twitter and Facebook accounts, the Philly PPA ticketed him…while he was napping in his car.

"FU PPA, FREE Dan Dan!!" Chiang posted on the Han Dynasty Facebook page. "These parking nazis give you lemons. I give you aide!"

You heard the man – get over there while you can!

If only all parking tickets earned you free noodles.

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