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GOP Ballot Doesn't List The Candidates Delegates Are Supporting

By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- If you are a Republican voter planning to cast your ballot in Tuesday's election, you may well already know a lot about the candidates you plan to vote for.

But when it comes to choosing delegates to the Presidential convention, once you step into the voting booth, you will have no way to know which ones support which candidates, because it's simply not listed on the ballot.

"Like you vote, but who are you voting for, you have no idea," remarked Delaware County GOP voter Mary Gallagher.

Democrats, on the other hand, can see which delegates support which candidates clearly listed on the ballot.

"The problem is, from a voter's standpoint, you're ending up with a lot of questions and a lot of confusion," David Thornburgh, President of the Political Watchdog Group "Committee of Seventy," told Eyewitness News.

Thornburgh explained his staffers are getting calls from Republican voters asking for guidance.

"The question a lot of these voters are having is how do I know who's for Trump, how do I know who's for Cruz? And there's not always an easy answer ," Philadelphia GOP Chairman Joe DeFelice told Hunter.

DeFelice explained, however, that Republican voters can learn which candidates delegates may support.

"Call our office. We have positions for every delegate in Philadelphia, where they stand, or frankly, you can just do a Google search," DeFelice explained.

You can call the GOP Headquarters at 215-561-0651. Or you can call the "Committee of Seventy" at 1-855-SEVENTY. The bottom line Thornburgh and DeFelice agree: when it comes to choosing delegates, GOP voters need to do their research before they step into the voting booth.

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