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Good Shepherd Worshipers Gather For Vigil Outside Fire-Damaged Church

by Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A church torn apart by a massive fire brings a community together.

For the last few years, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in West Philadelphia housed five different congregations.

"We have Seventh Day Adventist, we have Baptist, we have non-denominational, we have Presbyterian, we have fellowship organizations, we are just a diverse group of worshipers right here," said Reverend Anthony Jenkins.

Good Shepherd fire
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church was heavily damaged by a fire early Monday morning. (credit: Justin Udo)

He is the pastor of Christian Temple Fellowship, one of the churches that called Good Shepherd home.

"It's still a feeling of unbelief, I'm actually still in shock," he said.

Reverend Jenkins and pastors from the other four churches organized a vigil on Tuesday evening for the church, which was gutted by a four-alarm fire earlier this week.

"We wanted to be a community that stands together. We are a community that stands together," said Reverend Jenkins.

During the vigil, a few dozen people from the church and the community prayed and sang hymns, just feet from the fire-ravaged church.

It is still unknown if officials will rebuild the 104-year-old church, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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