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Golf Lessons Helping Recovering Addicts Stay Clean

PENNSAUKEN, NJ (CBS) - In Camden County, recovering addicts have been using golf as part of the formula to help keep them on the straight and narrow. It's part of the county's plan to fight addiction with sports.

It's been six weeks of fun and free lessons with teaching pro Andrew Pierson at the Camden County Golf Academy.

"They love it. The same people have been coming back over and over again."

That's because recovering addicts here discovered some important parallels between recovery and golf, including hard work and patience.

Ryan Hetrick has been clean nearly two years and says success is rare for rookies on both fronts.

"Very few times do you see a newcomer come into the rooms and get it on their first try."

Robert Duda played golf as a teenager, but didn't make much time for it when he was an alcoholic. Now, he's giving swing tips and life tips to those just embarking on their journey.

"Once you get it down, you really want to help other people."

Next the group will play softball and basketball with golf lessons picking up again in the fall.

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