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Why this Philadelphia charter school sends students on learning excursions beginning in kindergarten

At one Philadelphia elementary school, learning outside classroom is best
At one Philadelphia elementary school, learning outside classroom is best 02:36

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - In West Philadelphia, one charter school says the best lessons are those learned outside the classroom.

Every morning, young scholars from Global Leadership Academy Southwest perform the Kenyan tradition of Harambee. It means "all put together."

Tamika Evans, CEO of Global Leadership Academy Southwest, has been working with the GLA families for almost 20 years. Every year students embark on an excursion beginning in kindergarten.

"They get to go and see historic Philadelphia once they get to third grade," Evans said. "They are going to Lancaster County."

Evans said these excursions are more than field trips. Her students are becoming world travelers.

"We want to make sure they go beyond their 10-mile neighborhood radius," Evans said.

By the time students get to seventh grade - like Jayden - the excursions are further away.

Last year, as a sixth grader, Jayden went to Atlanta to learn about the Civil Rights Movement. This year, he'll go to Canada to learn about the Underground Railroad.

"It opens your mind to things that aren't happening where you live," Jayden said, "and the experience other people have to go through."

London, an eighth grader, will go to the Bahamas.

"I'm looking forward to everything," London said. "Spending time with my friends, learning more about the Transatlantic Slave Trade."

As the students get older, the trips can cost up to $1,600, which leads to year-round fundraising.

Evans said the community help is appreciated, and anyone looking to help can do so on GLA's website.

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