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Global Community Of Women Business Owners Land In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A global community of about 800 women business owners is expanding its reach into Philadelphia, and they're hoping to help women quicken the pace of business growth.

"My business is called Poundcake, it's a cosmetic line tailored toward people of color," said owner Camille Bell.

She is one of nearly two dozen women business owners that met for coffee in center city this month.

"I wanted to meet with other like mind women who already have a business to see what other resources I could obtain or provide," she said.

The group is among the first in Philadelphia to join Her Corner, a DC based accelerator program for women entrepreneurs.

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"There are very few peer-group organizations exclusively for women focused on educating women on how to grow," she said.

Founder Frederique Irwin says joining the group is like getting an MBA, well, almost.

"It's not as intense as getting your MBA, but it's like all the things you learn in school, but for small business," Irwin said. "We really focus on the fundamentals of business operations and strategy and growth."

Her Corner is holding info sessions in Center City and on the Mainline though end of August.

They'll launch their first six-month accelerator program September 15 in partnership with Benjamin's Desk.

Applications are being taken now at

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