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Glitch Sends Counselors Back To School

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A technical snafu caused some Philadelphia counselors to go in to work on Thursday, even though Wednesday was supposed to be the last day for school staff.

Some high school counselors went to work on their own time, to get transcripts out for seniors headed to college.

Chris Donnelly, a counselor at the Academy at Palumbo, says there was some kind of district glitch.

"They marked all of the seniors as sort of deactivated in the system that we use to send out transcripts," he explained.

Transcripts that college-bound seniors need.

"They're like, 'Hey, you're holding me up because hey need my transcript. I can't register classes if I don't have a transcript,'" Donnelly said.

Donnelly says there was a solution.

"The only way to do it was to manually go into every student's account and reactivate each student," he said.

The district acknowledged the issue and offered to handle the transcripts from the central office, but some counselors worked on their own time so their students wouldn't have to wait.

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