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Gift Tags From Your Garden

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Here's a way to make gift tags out of things from the garden - and keep kids busy on a winter day.

First, send your helpers outside to collect leaves, small branches, and other stuff that isn't covered by snow. Glue four small twigs as a frame around a thin piece of bark or bits of cardboard cut to size. Paint inside the frame with flat white paint or chalkboard paint to write names upon. Or just glue a photo in the frame of the person the gift is for.

You can turn leaves into gift tags too - either dried flat leaves like maples and oaks or pick evergreen ivy, holly or magnolia leaves and tie them onto the gift by the stem with a bit of ribbon or garden twine, or glue them right onto the package.

White or metallic pens often show up best on leaves. Or you can brush some snowy white paint across a leaf first, then write names on the paint once it's dry. Or string seedpods together and put one letter of the name on each of the pods.

So, go see what's in your garden and see how easily you can create tags that are handmade, heartfelt, and practically free.

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