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Genetically Modified Salmon: It Could Be What's For Dinner

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  A couple of years from now, the salmon on your dinner plate may be genetically modified.

The FDA approved genetically modified salmon Thursday, but not everyone is happy about it.

"I think GMO creates a natural fear factor," Joe Lasprogata of Samuels & Son Seafood Company told Eyewitness News.

Skeptics may refer to it as "Frankenfish."

Others believe it'll be a great new sustainable source of healthy food.

In either case, the FDA now says studies indicate the genetically modified salmon is safe to eat, but some national grocery stores have vowed not to sell it.

The modified salmon is a mix of three species: Atlantic salmon... King salmon and the ocean pout, a fish from Iceland related to the eel family.

The new salmon was created by the Massachusetts-based company "Aquadvantage."

The modified version will be raised like farm raised salmon and will be cheaper than the wild that are caught.

The FDA won't require it to be labeled as a GMO.

The genetically modified fish isn't expected to hit the market for at least two years.

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