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Gas Prices Trickle Down 11 Cents Across Delaware Valley

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Gas prices are trickling down across the Delaware Valley. A handful of stations across the country are even dropping below the $4 mark.

Drivers are getting a much-needed break at the pump.

Drivers in southeastern Pennsylvania are paying, on average, $4.78 for a gallon of regular, according to AAA. In South Jersey, it's $4.65 and $4.59 in northern Delaware.

Gas prices are down 11 cents since last week.

The price for oil, the main ingredient in gasoline, has fallen and is hovering around $100 a barrel. AAA says less expensive oil means less expensive gas.

Local drivers say gas prices are still too high.

"10 cents, that really don't make a difference," Shareef Rogers said.

"It's still not great but it cost me, what, $50 to go down the shore so it's better than it was. It was almost like $100 for my little tank," Chelsea O'Hara said.

AAA says a risk of a price spike remains -- one that could send us to "new record levels" in August should any disruptions in gas supplies or production occur.

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