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Gary Johnson: Consider Libertarian Party As Alternative To Clinton And Trump

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico and a candidate for the Libertarian party's nomination for President, discusses what they believe and why he thinks they have a golden opportunity to capture more voters in 2016.

Johnson, speaking with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, presented the Libertarian party as an alternative to voters that are unsatisfied with the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"I think right now, the way the table is set with Trump and Hillary being the nominees, I think they're the two most polarizing figures in American politics today and when 50 percent of Americans right now are declaring themselves as independents, I happen to think that most people are libertarian, it's just that they don't know."

He says his party believes government should do its best to stay out of people's lives.

"Being fiscally responsible and socially tolerant. Smaller government is a good thing. You and I as individuals should enjoy freedom and liberty as a point that we can make decisions in our own lives regarding everything in our own lives, assuming that those decisions don't put other people in harms way."

Johnson also wants to significantly cut taxes and would propose a zero percent corporate tax to keep businesses from leaving the United States.

"Government doesn't create jobs. The private sector does. If you can just level the playing field, if you can just make the rules fair for everybody, get out of the way. Government, get out of the way. Government tries to do too much. It taxes too much. When it taxes too much, it takes away from your and my personal liberties to be able to spend that money the way we see fit as opposed to the government."

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