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Gardening In Your Garage

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - I planted tulips a couple of weeks ago. Not in the ground, since I couldn't see the ground much less dig in it, but I had some bulbs I didn't plant last fall, so even though it's the middle of winter, I potted them up.

I used a bag of potting soil that wasn't frozen and put the bulbs in two big pots out in the garage. They'll get several weeks of cold weather out there (which tulips need in order to bloom), and the windows in the garage let in enough sun to help them along when they decide to sprout.

Since the spigot's off for winter, I figured I'd water them when I remembered to bring some water out from the house, but then I realized, there was plenty of water lying around outside! So, I topped off the pots with several handfuls of snow.

Is this a perfect way to plant? Probably not. Will the tulips come up and bloom just fine? I think they will.

And it's certainly better than having bulbs sitting in a package where they can dry out, or rot and go moldy, and never bloom at all. So, if you've got some bulbs lying around, go ahead and pot them up already. What have you got to lose?

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