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Gammons On The Phillies: 'I Would Be A Seller'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The question 'will the Phillies be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline' will likely be asked ad nauseum over the next two months, often time with the answer depending on the result of the previous night's game.

The morning after two straight wins over the Red Sox, perhaps fans may be leaning away from the answer of 'seller,' but MLB analyst Peter Gammons is not.

"I would be a seller," Gammons told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Thursday.  "I'm worried about the age, I'm a little worried about the contracts because so many of them are back-loaded. If I could somehow move a couple of guys and hold on to Lee, so if you had Lee, Hamels, and Biddle and then go get out of the market, maybe get one middle of the rotation guy. Maybe they're OK? But I don't think over a three year span Washington is going to have the offensive problems they've had."

Gammons said last week that Cliff Lee would likely bring back the most value of any Phillies player, but today said money may prevent any deal from being a slam dunk.

"The first problem I have to realize is his contract is so back-loaded, the Red Sox might say, 'OK toss money in the deal'. I don't think the Phillies would do that for a tremendous pitcher like Lee," Gammons said.  "But that said, the Red Sox would definitely be interested. Their people love strike-throwers and he is like the ultimate---throwing 72 percent strikes this year or something. It's ridiculous how efficient he is. He is so strong, I think he is going to last. He is one of the best conditioned pitchers I have ever seen."

At the end of the day, buy or sell, Gammons thinks Lee should be kept off the market by the Phillies.

"I would definitely be a seller, but I would be very hesitant about Lee though as I said, because I think he can give you three very good years."

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