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Fuel Leak In Delaware County Causing Environmental Issues In Nearby Areas

BROOKHAVEN, Pa. (CBS ) -- As crews work to clean up a massive fuel spill in Delaware County, it's now causing environmental issues in other nearby areas. Chopper 3 was over the scene in Brookhaven.

Investigators say a spill at a gas station is to blame, but the exact details are still unclear.

"Right now we've got to figure out how it happened and make sure it's not going to continue to happen," Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon said.

Many questions are left to answer into what led to a massive fuel leak on Saturday morning. Elected local, state, county, and federal officials toured the area surrounding Coebourn Elementary School in Brookhaven with first responders and emergency crews on Sunday morning.

"Right now, we're basically in the clean-up stage and monitoring stage to make sure it's safe for all the borough residents," Brookhaven Fire Department Chief Rob Montella said.

Officials say the leak began Friday night from the Gas n Go Station on Edgmont Avenue. They say a tanker was filling the underground tank when it happened.

Officials are trying to determine how much fuel spilled.

One of them told Eyewitness News that as much as 5,000 gallons may have spilled.

It's not clear if the spill happened below ground or at the top of the tank at ground level.

Areas of pavement around the tank area appear to be stained with fuel and an inspector on-site said the 10,000-gallon tank is full.

The spill is also causing concerns to a nearby neighborhood off Brookhaven Road. The spill got into a small creek that runs behind many homes.

Officials say there are also wildlife concerns. Dozens of fish, frogs, and turtles were killed.

There are also concerns about vegetation.

The Delaware County District Attorney says criminal charges may be filed.

"Whoever is responsible, at the end of the investigation we're going to see if they've violated our laws and if we can bring them to justice," DA Jack Stollsteimer said.

Due to this fuel leak, Penn Delco's Facebook page says Coeburn Elementary will hold virtual classes for both Monday and Tuesday.

The DEP tells Eyewitness News they've also set up a protective boom downstream. They're keeping an eye on it for more contaminated water if it starts raining.

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