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From RNC To DNC 'Nuns On The Bus' Take To Philly On A Mission

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- After nearly three weeks on the road, visits to 13 states and countless conversations with Americans, the Nuns on the Bus, led by Sister Simone Campbell landed in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention.

The sisters were helping to bring people together as they handed out free cups of lemonade with the mission of creating a dialogue with the public on how to mend gaps in our society.

They timed their road trip with both political conventions in mind.

"We were at the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland and there, people were very much more serious, reserved, not a sense of joy at all... here in Philly there's much more joy, much more enthusiasm and a much more diverse group of people gathered."

The sisters will be pulling wagons (designed to look like the bus) through the streets of Philadelphia engaging delegates and other conventioneers about their hopes for the future.

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