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French International School Of Philadelphia Comforts Students After Paris Attacks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The French International School of Philadelphia held a vigil on Sunday to show their solidarity with the people of France in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris that took dozens of lives.

The crowd of about 100 people paused for a moment of silence, prayed and lit candles in the shape of the Eiffel tower.

"People seem to need to be together as this point with the people they know, with the people they like and people who will be of one mind for this particular thing. There is no country, there is no religion, there is no ethnicity we're all in here together," said Catherine Kosman of The French International School of Philadelphia.

Kosman says it's their job to be there for the families of their pre-k through 8th graders and over the next few weeks they will educate and comfort the students, especially ones who have loved ones in Paris

"We have a plan for the older children, for the little kids we are going to play by ear. We will answer questions. We'll support them as we can. For the big kids we are going to have a conversation, because they all want to."

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