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Freddy Pando Charged With Murdering Ex-Girlfriend During Argument Over Previous Domestic Violence Case, DA Says

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS) -- An Upper Darby man has been arrested for murdering his ex-girlfriend and hiding her body near the Schuylkill River Trail. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele says the victim hadn't been heard from by family members recently. But no one expected this tragedy.

Twenty-three-year-old Freddy Pando is charged with first-and third-degree murder, in addition to other charges after confessing that he killed the mother of his child, 23-year-old Karina Torres.

"There were a lot of steps that were being taken and the police made a lot of efforts along those lines," Steele said.

Back in July, the two split after Pando was arrested for strangling Torres. She moved out and secured a protection from abuse order.

"Somebody who is willing to strangle somebody is seven times more likely to kill them," Steele said.

Despite the order, Pando told detectives they met in Upper Darby last Saturday, then drove to an area of the Schuylkill River Trail they frequented in the past to discuss the ongoing domestic violence court case, where he was facing five to 10 years.

Talking escalated into an argument. Pando claims Torres then pulled out a knife but he disarmed her, and turned the knife on her and stabbed her repeatedly.

"There were bail conditions that said he was not allowed to be around her. And what we know is that he stabbed her to death and it was a brutal murder and then he hid evidence and he hid the body," Steele said.

Pando says he then threw the knife and her phone in the river and concealed her body under some trees. He then drove home, first tossing his clothes in a trashcan several blocks away.

When turning himself in to police Thursday, Pando showed them on a map exactly where in the park they could find Torres.

"I think we need to keep it in the spotlight about domestic violence so we don't forget about it so anyone who out there needs help, we can get them the help they need," Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt said.

Pando turned himself in Thursday, which also happened to be the same day he was due in court for the previous domestic abuse incident.

He was arraigned on murder charges Friday and is being held without bail.

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