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Frawley Stadium: Sweenie Dog, $6.50

By Glen Macnow

Frawley Stadium
Wilmington Blue Rocks


The Western World was definitely waiting for this invention – a glazed donut tenderly wrapped around a Dietz & Watson hot dog, which is then smothered with raspberry jam and topped with chopped up Hatfield Meats bacon strips. It is an explosion of flavors, an item that your cardiologist will hate and a 10-napkin (minimum) experience.

And, hell, we liked it. Even Ray Didinger, who eats far healthier than I do. It's not anything that's going to win in this contest, but it's a fun time, right down to the Serpe's Bakery donut that's shaped exactly like a hot dog bun. And, just so you know, it's named in honor of 16-year Major Leaguer Mike Sweeney, who hit .310 for the Blue Rocks back in 1995 and apparently is a franchise legend.

I try to get to a game once a year. It's a good product (the Blue Rocks are currently a High-A farm team of the Kansas City Rouals), and a nice ballpark. For some reason, they've got two mascots – a guy dressed as a moose, and another dressed as a stalk of celery. Really. Now, all they need is a guy dressed as a Sweenie Dog.

Score: 63/100

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