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Another Philadelphia Elementary School Found To Have Asbestos Concerns

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Another Philadelphia elementary school has asbestos concerns, officials say. A classroom at Francis Hopkinson School in Juniata Park has been shuttered after an asbestos-containing pipe fitting was discovered in it on Thursday.

A letter sent home to parents by the School District of Philadelphia explains that an unoccupied classroom will not be used until the asbestos is remediated.

"Today, January 16, 2020, the Office of Environmental Management & Services discovered an imminent hazard in Room S1. The major area of concern identified in Room S1 involved damage to asbestos-containing pipe fitting," the letter reads. "While the room is unoccupied, the area of concern has been addressed and work is being performed to remove all asbestos-containing pipe insulation in the classroom.

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"No students or staff will return to the classroom until the damage is repaired, and the area is tested and determined to be safe for re-occupancy."

The school district says the work is expected to be completed by Friday.

While asbestos has been found in the classroom, Francis Hopkinson School will remain open.

The district says every time asbestos is found and addressed, they always send a letter home to parents.

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