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Here's How To Help Your Pet Stay Calm, Safe During Fourth Of July Fireworks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Fourth of July is filled with summer fun and dazzling fireworks displays, but our furry friends may not enjoy them as much as us. Loud noises can be frightening for many pets.

Fireworks and other festivities can make pets afraid and anxious. The Humane Society of the United States says some pets can be sensitive to loud noises and sounds, flashing lights and strong smells, so keep pets indoors on days when people are usually setting off fireworks .

Also, keeping the radio or TV on for them can be helpful.

If your pet has a history of being scared by fireworks, talk to your veterinarian. There are medications available that might help relieve some of your pet's anxiety and some behavior methods may also help.

Here's How To Help Your Pet Stay Calm, Safe During Fourth Of July Fireworks

Veterinarians caution owners should never give medication to their pet without speaking to their vet first.

Some pets can become so frightened while fireworks are going off, they may try to escape and run away. The Humane Society says make sure your pet always wears a collar with ID tags.

If your pet is microchipped, make sure the chip is registered with your up to date contact information.

If you're looking for somewhere to watch fireworks in the Philadelphia region, click here to check out our guide.

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