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Former Trenton Mayor Tony Mack Sentenced To Nearly 5 Years

By Cleve Bryan

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – The former Trenton Mayor walked quietly into federal court by himself Thursday to face sentencing on corruption charges.

Mack is convicted of accepting bribes to use his influence in City Hall to push through a construction project that turned out to be a federal sting.

FBI wire taps proved Mack used code words to cover up a scheme that involved his brother Rafael Mack receiving payments for him.

During the time between Tony Mack's conviction and today's sentencing, Mack had to be removed from office through a court order.

He faced up to six and a half years in prison, but having no prior criminal history the final sentence came out as four years 10 months and 100 hours community service.

After court Mack had nothing to say.

US Attorney for the District of New Jersey Paul Fishman says Mack was a black eye for the city of Trenton and all elected officials.

"Four years ago when Tony Mack was elected mayor of Trenton he embarked on a system of selling his office that the citizens of Trenton had entrusted him with. Today that sad chapter hopefully comes to an end with his term of 58 months of imprisonment."

Mack's attorney plans to appeal, but was pleased the judge went below the sentencing guidelines

"He's not going to be behind bars for 58 months, but just a day is too much in my opinion, but he's going to be fine throughout the entire ordeal."

Rafael Mack was sentenced to 2 and a half years in jail.

Both Mack's have not been told yet when they will have to report to federal prison.

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