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Former Temple Football Players Cheer On Team As They Go 7-0 For The First Time Ever

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  Temple fever isn't just sweeping the campus.

The Owls recent success is catching the eye of lots of new fans.

But for some the love of the team goes back decades.

A group of Temple fans have been bleeding cherry and white for more than 50 years.

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Temple University football has never been more exciting than through the eyes of their alumni and die hard fans. While more than 50 years have passed, they still see themselves on the field.

"Today the kids are so much faster, so much quicker, so much bigger, in much better condition than we were," said former Temple University football player John McShane.

Seventy-six-year-old John McShane started as a quarterback in 1959. But by the time he graduated in 1962 he played nearly every position on the field and still has the paper clippings to show it.

"I was No. 15 my sophomore year, I was 56 after that," said McShane.

Diana: "When you look at your stats here, what do you think?"

"Well, I'd like to be in the same shape," he said.

Diana"Do you ever miss a game?"

"I have, I try not to," he said.

He's been a season ticket holder since 1970 and nearly every away game is spent here.

"John was the first one, and then I was the second one, and Joe was the third one, we have three others, we have three other guys, we have six quarterbacks that meet every once in a while continuously," said former Temple University football player Bill Grubb.

With his old buddies and teammates at PJ's in Blue Bell.

"We've like brothers, really we are. They know so much we'll always be friends," said Grubb.

"When you live with people and play ball with them, leave blood on the field with them for four years you become brothers," said former Temple University football player Scott Moyer.

Sharing the memories as they watch red and white soar to new heights -- the new leaving a lasting impression on generations past.

"It's been a long time coming but we are ecstatic. It's a great time to be a Temple Owl," said former Temple University football player Joe Morelli.

The latest AP poll has the Temple Owls ranked number 22 nationwide. Up next for them is Notre Dame at the Linc a week from Saturday -- a game their faithful alumni won't be missing.

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