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Former President Bill Clinton In Philly Thursday To Help Hillary's Campaign

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former President Bill Clinton will be in Philadelphia tomorrow campaigning for his wife.

President Clinton is expected tell the crowd at the organizing event how Hillary Clinton will raise incomes and break barriers that stand in the way of commonwealth families.

IMG_7074 (2)
Christine Dolle left & Trisha Sheehan right with Moms Clean Air Force (credit: Mike Dougherty)

Trisha Sheehan is with Moms Clean Air Force is planning on bringing a group of moms to the event.

"We are a C3 organization we don't show support for any one candidate what are plan and our hope is that the candidate that is chosen will come out with a climate plan and will know that this is an issue that their voters care about."

Angela Foreshaw Rouse is with AARP Pennsylvania. The interest group has been following all of the candidates.

"Well we know that one of the best ways that families can break barriers through poverty is to have a secure savings and part of that savings is your social security. So we want to hear what all the plans are from all candidates and Secretary Clinton has been very favorable. She has put a plan out we are reviewing those plans and we want to make sure it's front and center. We want to hear more about it and all of the debates that are happening right now."

mike dougherty clinton
Angela Foreshaw Rouse second from left (credit: Mike Dougherty)

Bill Clinton will be at the Dorothy Emanuel Recreation Center in Mount Airy Thursday afternoon at 12:30.

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