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Former Philadelphia Television Executive Weighs In On Harassment In Workplace

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- With so many men in the media suddenly being held accountable for their mistreatment of women in the workplace, one former Philadelphia television executive says we may be experiencing a cultural shift as to how people may start treating each other in the workplace.

For years, as senior vice president and news director, Carla Carpenter was the driving force behind the WPVI channel 6 news team.

She admits in her early years, she too was harassed in the workplace.

"People don't understand how incredibly difficult it is," she said. "You have the weight of the work, the issue of trying to be taken seriously as a female in a male-dominated business and then on top of all of that, you have to deal with someone on the side, harassing you."

The problem of sexual harassment doesn't just begin when you enter the workforce.

"When the boy pops your bra and you're told, Oh, that's boys being boys," she said.

Once she became and executive, she worked hard to change the culture, which she says will continue to change for the better as more women and minorities take on more responsibilities at work.

"You don't hire based on looks and superficial performance," she said.

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