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Former Philadelphia Police Officer Found Guilty Of Obstructing Federal Drug Investigation

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A former Philadelphia Police Officer has been found guilty of giving his drug-dealing half-brother all the details of an ongoing federal investigation.

Prosecutors say former officer Rafael Cordero told his half-brother David Garcia, a former criminal informant, about a video-surveillance camera that federal agents installed in a garage used to store drugs, guns and money.

Cordero was convicted of corruption, obstruction of justice and lying to federal authorities. He was taken into custody in court with family members saying a tearful goodbye.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Maureen McCartney says Cordero will be held until sentencing.

"The statute provides for someone who's been convicted to be taken into custody unless they show by clear and convincing evidence that he doesn't present a risk of flight, or a danger, and obviously the judge thought he did," she explains.

Prosecutors say Cordero will face about 10 years behind bars at sentencing.

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