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Former Philadelphia Judge Sentenced For Lying During Ticket-Fixing Probe

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Rejecting a defense request for house arrest or probation for the 71-year-old defendant, a federal judge today sentenced former Philadelphia Traffic Court president judge Thomasine Tynes to two years in prison for lying to authorities in a wide-ranging ticket fixing case.

Sentencing Judge Lawrence Stengel said the likeable, charming, intelligent, community-involved defendant, with the courtroom full of supporters, had "an honesty problem."

An emotional Thomasine Tynes admitted wrongdoing, and apologized, "for the shame and the embarrassment that I have brought to the criminal justice system, my peers, colleagues, and citizens of Pennsylvania, my friends.  "This may be the only time in my life I am fortunate not to have family, because they would also have been embarrassed by my actions," she said.

Tynes is charged in a separate state bribery case.  She is cooperating and is expected to plead guilty.


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