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Former Congressman Remembers Amtrak Derailment

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Congressman and Secretary of the Army, Patrick Murphy talked with Dom Giordano about the Amtrak derailment that occurred a year ago.

Murphy said he was lucky to be able to walk away.

"There was eight people that were killed on that train. I was in the third of nine cars... I feel very blessed that I was able to go home eventually, late that morning and kiss my wife and kids."

He also said we have to do more to help veterans once they finish their military service.

"You talk about great Americans, I was with one of them on that train a year ago. I was down in Washington for a veterans event for folks who are helping out, hiring these veterans. There's folks in media that try to treat our veterans like they're victims. Let me tell you something, our veterans are an asset. They are great Americans and the narrative out there that somehow they're victims is a false one."

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