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For Elderly People In Philadelphia Region, Finding COVID Vaccine Like Trying To Win The Lottery

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Thousands of elderly people in our region are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine but are struggling to find it. COVID-19 vaccines are now funneling through pharmacy chains and hospitals, but getting one, it seems, is like trying to win the Powerball.

Catherine Saddic and her husband have continuously come up empty.

"I have signed up at every website that you could possibly sign up at. My husband and I are both high risk -- I'm a recent cancer survivor, my husband's old," she said.

Websites for vaccine sign-ups have been stormed. Limited supply is in high demand, leading to a race to find an open appointment.

Sandra Varner, an essential worker from Newtown Square, got her shot and sympathizes with those on what could be a very long waiting list.

"I tell them, they ask us, I tell them have your daughter, son, grandchild, whatever, try to go on and get you help," Varner said.

Jim McCloskey, 90, was hoping vaccine distribution would be easier and more efficient.

"I went to two pharmacies and they were out of the vaccine," McCloskey said.

McCloskey is also Joe Holden's uncle, and technology to hunt down a shot for him is scarce. So, family has stepped in and still, the search continues.

"They never tell you when you're gonna get it or when they're gonna come in with it. It's a shortage of it," McCloskey said.

A Rite Aid spokesperson says, because their pharmacists are able to immunize, they could really step up the process for their customers so long as there is an increase in vaccine supply.

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