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For College Students, Four Years Is No Longer The Norm

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, in Pennsylvania 62% of college students need six years to finish school. In New Jersey, that number is at 66%.

Many freshmen starting school this year say they have a plan to make sure they graduate before 2020.

"I feel like as long as I do all my classes and do all my work, I won't have to repeat any classes and I'll be able to graduate in four years," said one student.

And some universities, like Temple, offer students a four-year plan to help keep them on track.

A Temple student explained, "You sign this commitment and contract saying you'll get in and out in four years, and what they'll do is they'll help you with talking to your advisor, scheduling meetings all the time to make sure you get in and out."

The Census Bureau says, on average, those extra two years of college costs students an additional $13,000.

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