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Flyers Fall In Montreal

Montreal Canada....The beautiful city north of the border is a nice city, with nice french canadien people and not so nice Hockey fans. At least not when you take on their beloved Habs. The home ice advantage is very evident in this series. The 19,000 rabid Flyers fans packed the Wachovia Center and made their presence known. Thursday night, the Montreal Canadien fans had a smilar effect. The fans went home happy after their team did to the FLyers what the Flyers did to them in Philadelphia. There is a saying that a 7 game series isn't really underway until a team loses at home. Saturday at 3pm, thats exactly what the Flyers will look to do in Montreal. It won't be easy. Thursdays Flyers loss was a combination of the Canadiens playing well and the Flyers playing poorly. The Habs dictated the game and that was the key to their success. Saturday the Flyers best players need to be the best players and as always, they will need great goaltending from Michael Leighton. The first 2 game of this Eastern Confernce Finals seemed to easy. Thursday night we found out it may be a lot more difficult to move into the finals and play for the Stanley Cup.

With the Flyers in Montreal

Jason Myrtetus

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