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Florists Rushing To Get Valentine's Day Arrangements Finished Before Next Storm Hits

By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Roses are red, violets are blue, the Nor'easter is a pain for everyone, even florists too!

Another snow storm is hitting us in time for Valentine's Day.

Rick Pannepacker is the owner of Penny's Flowers in Glenside.

"Today is a hectic day because we are trying to get so many pieces out there that were scheduled for tomorrow let alone Friday, everything has been pushed back," he explained.

It is becoming a major thorn in his side as the shop tries to get fresh flower arrangements done and delivered.

"You pray that you don't run into any bad weather and we have in the past. Of course it's happening again now."

Penny's Flowers is working with customers about rearranging delivery dates due to the storm.

"Do you mind if we send the flowers out a day early or two because of the weather circumstances, and pretty much everyone is right on board with it."

It's been a rough winter for Penny's, especially since last week's ice storm.

"We lost power for four days," the store owner said. "Just the prep work we were involved with was very difficult."

Despite the set-backs, everything is "coming up roses" at Penny's, even for last minute customers.

Rick says they plan on staying open through Valentine's Day despite the weather.

"We will have arrangements made up where they can come in and select a design, wrap it up and take it right with them, that's the best thing."

And who wouldn't love flowers to warm them up on a cold snowy day?

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