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Flash Flooding Engulfs Cars, Overwhelms Businesses In Montgomery County

POTTSTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- Fast-moving floodwaters are raging in the Pottstown area on Thursday night. Several vehicles were stuck in floodwaters along the low-lying area of High Street.

"It hasn't been like this in a long time," Bill Sheetz said.

Since Hurricane Agnes in 1972, according to longtime Pottstown residents.

Pounding early evening rain led to several cars and businesses on High Street becoming completely overwhelmed by the rising waters of the Manatawny Creek.

"This happened real quick. I guess it happened real quick for that car to get stuck," Pottstown resident Sean Massenburg said.

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Flooding happened so quickly that a work truck was still running when it was consumed by water. Workers could do little more than stare at their business and mess before them.

pottstown flooding
Credit: CBS3

A short distance away near College Drive, Eyewitness News was there as water rescue crews checked out a nearly fully-submerged car. Thankfully, there was no one trapped inside. Another van laid abandoned in that same flood zone.

"That dips down. People who live in the area know that it's known to flood like that," Pottstown resident Skip Eckstrom said.

But without knowing that, it was easy to see how some drivers from out of town could dangerously miscalculate the depth.

Other residents showed us how close rushing waters entered their homes.

"It was over our sidewalk. It was actually kinda scary," one woman said.

And while this water will recede, cleanup will take its toll on businesses and property, including the fully-submerged Manatawny Park.

"It's going to take a while. It's going to be really muddy afterwards I'm sure," Sheetz said.

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