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Fishtown Pizzeria Named The Best In The Country

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Forget New York and Chicago: Philadelphia is officially home to the best pizza in America.

Yes, that's right – Bon Appétit, THE food magazine, has named Fishtown's Pizzeria Beddia the country's best pizza shop.

In a lengthy article titled "This Is The Best Pizza In America (Yep, We Said It)" that was published online Tuesday, food writer Andrew Knowlton details a recent visit to Joe Beddia's pizzeria at Girard Avenue and Shackamaxon Street.

Spotlighting everything from Beddia's initial foray into pies to his reasons for eschewing the traditional wood-fired pizza oven, the article praises Beddia for being both inventive and consistent.

"As it turned out, Pizzeria Beddia was one of those beautiful eating experiences that still haunts me," Knowlton recalls, before concluding with an explanation of how Beddia's pizza "ruined pizza" for him.

"It's what I always imagined New York pizza should taste like," Knowlton says.

To read the full piece, click here.

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