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Financial Analyst: Powerball Winner Needs To Hire A Money Team

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The jackpot of the next Powerball drawing has already surpassed $1.4 Billion. On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall asked financial analyst Steve Cordasco about the ramifications of winning a ready-made fortune.

Cordasco said if you are lucky enough to win, surround yourself with people that have experience handling large amounts of money.

"You need to hire a team...Who is your team going to be? That team should consist of somebody who can be your financial person. You need to hire a good tax attorney...You'd be surprised, some people of sound mind take advice and know how to hire a team. Other people who've won big, big lotteries have gone absolutely over the edge."

Listen to the entire interview with Cordasco in this CBSPhilly podcast:

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