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Filmmaker Who Released Sharpton Video: 'If I Have One Message To People, It's That We Have To Break News'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Chris Stigall talked to conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe from the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C.

Earlier this week, O'Keefe released a video claiming Reverend Al Sharpton has taken advantage of high profile new stories to benefit himself.

O'Keefe asserted Sharpton's attempts are nefarious and widespread.

"People in Ferguson, MO and Trayvon Martin's foundation in Florida, and Eric Garner's [family]...These family members were all telling our hidden cameras that Al Sharpton exploited their tragedies for his own personal gain. It is very powerful because it involves African American victims...[It] caused a total New York media firestorm where Sharpton had to start a foundation in the last 24 hours with these people to do damage control...Erica Garner, who made the comment, doubled down. She said, on the record, 'National Action Network and Al Sharpton did take advantage of me.'"

O'Keefe said he was disappointed with how other conservatives responded to the revelation that one of their long time agitators was co-opting the victims of misfortune.

"'We already know this is the case. What are you proving?' That, to me, is the wrong reaction. We have to show people the truth. Every one of us knows what the truth is in our hearts, but we still have to catch it on video. It makes all the difference in the world...I think that's probably more the conservative reaction."

O'Keefe also addressed typical and longstanding criticism conservatives have in regards to the media and said if they are unhappy with what is being reported, they can do something about it.

"If I have one message to people, it's that we have to break news. We have to stop complaining about how bad the media is and start breaking stories that get covered by the media."

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