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'Show Of All Shows:' Festival Built Around LEGO Returning To Area

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - LEGO fans....get ready!

"Brick Fest Live is really the ultimate fan experience for anyone that has a joy or love for LEGO," says the event's founder Chad Collins. "We're happy to say that this will be the largest event we've ever produced."

Brick Fest Live is all over the country, but will be returning to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st.

In fact, Collins says this show is the flagship one:

"This year we've doubled our space. We have well over 100,000 square feet of space that we're going to fill with amazing LEGO creations that were built by people that come in from all over the world to put their creations on display, and a whole other area just with hands on activity and attractions."

He says you'll really get to see some amazing creations:

"Often times you'll see people that work on pieces of a project and they've never met before in person, and when they come to the show it's the first time all of these pieces come together. Just the cities and the moving trains that you see. Really it's just any town that you would visit, but now you're seeing it come to life completely in LEGO form. It's always mind-blowing to me and the public as well."

brick fest 2016 2
Chad Collins and other members of the Brick Fest Live team. credit cbs

Collins says this event is geared toward anyone with an affection toward LEGO, "or anyone that wants to see that spark in their child's eyes. They're going to come in, they're going to see creations that are going to inspire them to build, and then they can immediately go and put that inspiration to work."

From Inspiration Stations to the Brick Fest Derby to the Video Game Arena, Collins says this truly is the "show of all shows:"

"It's going to have the most fanfare, it's going to have the most LEGO under one roof that you'll ever see. The one great thing that makes these Brick Fest Live events unique is that they're events that are created by fans of LEGO for fans of LEGO. You're going to see the largest variety of LEGO under one roof, guaranteed, and you're going to be able to experience it in ways that are impossible to do on your own."

Brick Fest Live begins at 10 a.m. each day.

For more information -- including a full list of all the new attractions this year -- or to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.

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