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Feltonville Woman Critically Shot During Argument Over Parking Space

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Two people are injured, one of them critically, after a shooting in Feltonville last night. Police say it all started over a dispute about parking, and neighbors say this has been a simmering feud that boiled over.

The 4500 block of Hurley Street is a narrow, one-way street with parking only on one side. When someone parked a disabled vehicle in front of someone's home, that resident parked their car on the other person's sidewalk.

"The next day, the window on her van was busted in," one neighbor says. "And after that, that's when the violence started. When they noticed, it became a big altercation, they had more words. Then the first shooting happened."

Initially, no one was injured, but then later last night, someone fired four shotgun blasts into one of the homes, critically injuring a 35-year-old woman and also hitting a man who is said to be OK.

Neighbors say parking is an issue here, but they can't believe it got this serious. "I never heard something like that before. Get shot over a parking spot? Get killed over a parking spot? It's crazy."

Police say they recovered four shotgun shells from the scene. The shooter is on the loose, but police say they do know who they're looking for.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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