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Feds Say Fumo Lying and Denying His Way Through Too-Short Prison Term

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Less than two weeks before convicted former Pennsylvania state senator Vincent Fumo is set to be resentenced on his corruption convictions (see related story), federal authorities have released a series of  what they call "explosive e-mails" that they hope will convince the judge that Fumo is unchanged and unrepentant.

Fumo was sentenced to 55 months in prison, it was overturned on appeal by the prosecution (see related story), and authorities say this new evidence backs their argument that Fumo should spend more like 20 years in prison.

In e-mails cited by the government, Fumo still maintains that his conviction was a "travesty."  He says he feels "Christlike in the injustice" he has suffered.

Read the Full US Government Filing (.pdf format)  -- NOTE: includes some adult language

But the government says his fraudulent ways have continued in prison, citing alleged evidence that Fumo's claims of alcohol and drug dependence are just a scam to cut a year off his sentence through treatment.

And the government says in its filing that Fumo revealed he had plotted to shut down the investigation way back in 2004 with a hand in naming a new US attorney, but the Democrats lost the presidential election and Fumo lost his influence.

The defense says Fumo deserves a break because of his many good works, his remorse, and his poor health.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio 1060

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