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Father Of Deadly Old City Beating Victim Speaks Out

By Oren Liebermann and Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Kevin Kless had moved to Philadelphia for a new job only two months ago when police say he was beaten to death in Old City. His father, John Kless, spoke with Eyewitness News on the phone from his New York home.

John Kless is begging for the public's help.

"I need anybody that was in the area at the time to please call the police to find out who these people were that did this to my son," Kless said.

Kevin Kless, 23, was walking along 4th and Chestnut Streets at 2:30am Saturday morning, after going out, when, police say, he yelled at a passing cab. They say a car with four men right behind the cab stopped.  Three of the men got out of the car and attacked Kless, beating him until he was unconscious (see related story).

"I'm completely numb. I can't say another word. I can't cry anymore," John Kless said.

Police are looking for a car they initially described as a four-door, maroon Mazda 626, probably a 2000-2003 model, and the perpetrators as Middle Eastern or Indian, but they add that the early video leaves a lot of room for interpretation.   They are encouraging eyewitnesses to report anything they saw, even if it does not conform to the initial police descriptions of the perpetrators or the car.

Police are also looking at surrounding buildings for any surveillance video of the car speeding away.

John Kless says he spoke with his son a few days ago and was looking forward to visiting.

"I was coming down in the next week to see him and he was going to show me his apartment and his new office."

Kevin Kless was rushed to Jefferson University Hospital where he died at 7:10 Saturday evening. Kevin's parents decided to donate his organs to save the lives of others.

"Two kidneys and his liver were given to three different people to continue their lives."

John Kless says the only thing he is looking for in return is help finding the men who killed his son.

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