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Fans Gather At Dawn To Head Down To Phillies Game Against Nationals

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Nationals are trying to keep Phillies fans out of their stadium, but its not stopping bus loads of Phillies fans headed in force to Saturday's game in Washington, DC.

One group of Phillies fans about 700 strong boarded 13 buses at the sports complex around 6:30 a.m.

Joe Russo (photo, left) from Washington Township and his family among them say they couldn't wait to get there.

"We are going to march in together. It's going to be Philadelphia South. We are going to take over the park."

Since the Nationals launched the take back our park campaign, the organization doesn't mail tickets to the Philadelphia region, where one of the organizer of the Phils fever trip Marilyn Minda, says they got creative to get all the tickets for the group.

"We had clients and client's family members that live in the DC, Virginia, Maryland areas. They had to have the zip code and mailing address and they could only buy eight tickets at a time.

"Sneaky right, I mean we're coming."

Marilyn says her company even posted the wrong tailgating location in DC on their website to through off Nationals fans.

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