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Family In Mourning After Death Of 52-Year-Old Collapse Victim Roseline Conteh

By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A family is in mourning after learning their relative was among those who perished in the Center City building collapse on Wednesday.

One of the six victims is 52-year-old Roseline Conteh, a mother of nine who loved her family and bargain hunting - a pastime that led her to go shopping on a beautiful Wednesday morning in Philadelphia.

The universal language of tears - and there are plenty of them in the small front yard in Kingsessing, from a family group that never expect to be gathering like this, until early Thursday, after Conteh never came home.

"I kept calling at least past 12 o'clock," said a relative.

It was news her youngest son heard firsthand and had to deliver to family and friends at 3 a.m.

"My mother, she's in the hospital, and then all I know is that she is dead," said Aiah Gbessay, Conteh's son.

The 19-year-old described himself to police as a child of a missing mother - his grief, so raw.

The family's grief  is still unfolding for the woman who worked as a certified nursing assistant.  She came to America from Sierra Leone, West Africa, to better all of their lives.

"It is a big sacrifice when we come to this country. They did not come to America to die," said Josephine Lamin, the victim's niece.

"She was a mother to everybody. Very loving. What more can I say," said a relative.

No word can describe their loss. They plan to return their mother's body to West Africa, a country she left 10 years ago for America.

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