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Some E-ZPass drivers on Pennsylvania-NJ bridge overcharged

E-ZPass Refunds: Some drivers on Trenton-Morrisville Bridge overcharged between February, early June
E-ZPass Refunds: Some drivers on Trenton-Morrisville Bridge overcharged between February, early June 02:15

MORRISVILLE, Pa. -- A malfunctioning E-ZPass transponder at the Trenton-Morrisville Bridge sporadically overcharged some SUV and pick-up truck drivers between February and early June.

According to the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, the transponder incorrectly charged a $9 oversized truck rate to SUV and pick-up drivers, instead of the normal $1.25 E-ZPass rate.

Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission spokesperson Pete Peterson said they're reviewing surveillance video to figure out who got overcharged so they can refund their accounts.

"It's a very odd situation so we just kind of asking everybody to be patient with us as we work through the process," Peterson said. "We do literally have to review thousands of hours of footage to be able to try to correct this situation."

Jackie Yasembousky said her family got hit with about 40 $9 charges for a total of about $300 in charges.

She said she didn't know her family was being overcharged until a woman posted about it on Facebook.

"I was very frustrated because it was over $300 worth of money," Yasembousky said. "I was a little stressed out."

After being bounced around to different call centers, she finally got refunded the $300 she was overcharged.

She encouraged other drivers to frequently check their statements, especially if they have older parents who also use E-ZPass.

"For [my father] to go in and check his account was a little stressful for him so I kind of took on that role for him," Yasembousky said. "If it wasn't for that lady on Facebook commenting how much it costs, and me looking into it, then a lot of other people wouldn't know."

If drivers do not want to wait for the commission to finish their review and dispute an E-ZPass charge, click here.

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