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Eye Surgery Restores Fan's Vision Just In Time For Eagles Super Bowl 2018 Run

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Timing is everything. A huge Eagles fan from South Jersey is thankful after a recent surgery done at Wills Eye Hospital has restored her sight just in time to watch the Birds' Super Bowl run.

Kathy Santilli of Blackwood, New Jersey had cataracts removed on January 10th, giving her 20/20 vision in her right eye for the first time in decades.

"You don't realize how much you're not seeing," she said. "Like the TV screen is so clear."

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Santilli has used that vision to watch the underdog Eagles pick up back to back wins to find themselves on the precipise of history needing just one more win to do something no other Eagles team has done before. Something she thinks the team will deliver.

"I feel this is the year we're going all the way," she said. "We feel this is going to be it."

Santilli says her son will be at the game, and she'll be using her newly restored vision to try and spot him in the crowd adding a little extra excitment to the big game.

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Kathy still has one more surgery to undergo on her left eye, which will take place a few days after the Super Bowl. But that's something to think about another day, as right now she's more focused on the Eagles..

"We're all praying for them, we're all rooting for them, and we know they're going to do it this year," she said. "This is the year for the Eagles, and as my 3-year-old grandson would say 'GO EAGLES!'"

Sentiments all Philly fans across the world are echoing this weekend.

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