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Experts Suggest Not Planting Anything New During This Weather Whiplash

HORSHAM, Pa. (CBS) - From 70's to snow, back to 70's and more snow. If you're having seasonal confusion, just take a look at the plants and trees around you.

The calendar says March but it feels like May. Flowers are already blooming, but will they last?

"Well, I'm hopeful we are past the freeze," Davey Trees District Manager and arborist Jason Parker said. "We haven't had flowers come out yet so I'm crossing my fingers we still have a pretty good flowering season. I think that's reasonable to expect."

And he says three things will help your plants through this confusion for best results this spring: prune dead branches, fertilize for spring growth and flowers, and clear planters of leaves. Adding mulch helps too.

For all of you eager to plant, he says slow down.

"If you just can't wait, there's a lot you can do to get your gardens ready. You can start taking out leaves from the previous year. Make sure you've got proper mulch levels. If you want to refresh the mulch you can. I would just hold off on a lot of planting, especially flowering trees and shrubs because they're the ones that could be impacted if we get one more cold snap," Parker said.

When planting new trees and plants, avoid what your grandparents planted. Instead, look to the Southern states for foliage.

The goal is trees and plants that can outlast climate change.

If you really can't wait to start planting, the rule of thumb is late April. By then, you're safe and don't have to worry about freezing.

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