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Experts Say A 10-Second Hug Has Surprising Health Benefits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Today is National Hug a news person day, so KYW's Justin Udo set out to see if Philadelphians would show a news guy some love.

During my lunch time walk through Rittenhouse square folks showed through their hugs and their words, that they appreciate their news people.

One woman said, "You have a hard job. You got to sift out what's right and what's wrong and you got to be able to interpret it without getting in trouble."

"I think you guys are all great and we appreciate everything you do, so thank you for always reporting the best news for us," said another women.

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Hilary Katz is a clinical social worker with Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services. She says there is a science behind hugging.

"If you hold a hug for as little as 10 seconds, oxytocin is released, it's a hormone and it give us that bonding, that good sense of security," said Katz.

Katz says we all should have at least one hug a day, so go out and hug a news person, it will do you both some good.

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