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Experts at Keeping Kids Entertained (Moms) Share Rainy-Day Tips

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  Looking for ideas of things to do with your kids when it's crummy outside?

Cold, wet weather can be tough for parents trying to entertain their kids at home.

"We're definitely sick of the winter," said Rachel, a mother who spent time today with her daughter at Nest, a playspace at 13th and Locust Streets in center city.   "My baby is not a fan of the snow or the cold."

Nest co-owner Raina Gorman encourages parents to use their imagination when it comes to finding something to do with the little ones.

"I always like to look in my cabinets," she said.  "I find tons of things that I haven't used in a while that are fun to bake with, and it's great to always have Play-Doh (and) tons of art supplies."

Another mother, Jessica, says that sometimes the simplest excursion can cure your cabin fever.

"We live right near Whole Foods, and sometimes a trip to the grocery store can be a lot of fun.  Just walking around with the shopping cart, picking up different snacks and food to go home and prepare, can be a break," she says.

Some parents of young children say that when they're stuck at home and have to keep the little ones entertained, they tap into their own childhood memories for ideas.

"We just built a fort -- old blankets and sheets and upside-down chairs," said Rachel.  "And then you can leave it up for a long time.  And whenever you're bored in the living room, 'Let's go play in the fort!  Let's go read a book in the fort!' "

And if you're feeling antsy, she has suggestions of places to go:

"The store -- just walk down the aisles and point out things.  Or make a little playdate, go to the bookstore, go to the library."

And she says that for young children, even something as simple as a bath can be fun.

"Some bubbles and a couple of cups, and you've got 45 minutes done!"

Raina Gorman, the Nest co-owner, says there are endless online resources to help you with your rainy-day projects.

"You can go on Pintrest," she advises, or there's a really cute web site called Spoonful."

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