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Expert Speaks On The Health Risks Of Mold

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The mold discovered in some area schools is raising concerns among parents.

A Penn Medicine Doctor weighs in about whether there is a significant health risk to children.

Dr. John Bosso, Director of the OTO Allergy Clinic, isn't surprised mold has been found in some area schools.

"The problem with the schools are there are probably leaks in roofs and other areas where water comes in, but also they have the windows open and the outdoor mold spore counts are very high, so you have a lot of outdoor mold spores that are getting inside," Bosso said.

A lack of air conditioning in schools also allows humidity inside which helps the fungus thrive.

"I don't think parents should be panicking, because there are plenty of children and adults who are able to tolerate being in the same environment as mold," said Bosso.

Bosso adds that only kids with mold allergies are at risk for sinus and respiratory problems. People without mold sensitivity will only experience symptoms if the mold is highly concentrated.

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