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Expert Sees Some Marijuana Users Turning To E-Cigarettes For Pot

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Electronic cigarettes were made to help people stop smoking, but some have found an alternative use for them.

Chris Goldstein, a Philadelphia-based marijuana activist and writer, says he's never seen more devices out on the market being used to smoke marijuana than the variety he sees today.

"Around the country, what you see is people using devices that look like electronic cigarettes.  E-cigarettes are usually used for a nicotine liquid, and you can replace that liquid with a cannabis oil or hash oil," he explains.

Goldstein says most of the people who use these devices are medical marijuana users -- although in this part of the country, he points out, medical marijuana use -- as well as recreational marijuana use -- is illegal.

"I think they're expensive right now, just like regular e-cigarettes are, so I don't see it as a big growing trend outside of the medical community and people who are using hash oil very regularly.  Recreational consumers are sticking to joints, as far as I can tell out there -- the tried and true method."

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