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Expert Says Parents Should Start Prepping Kids For The School Year Now

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The kids don't want to think about it, but the parents have to.

School begins again in just about two weeks and one local expert says now is the time to start getting your children out of summer mode and refocus them for school. Teachers everywhere will thank you if cut back on the cookies and introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables into your child's diet as school approaches.

Chair of the Kinesiology Department at the University of the Sciences Karin Richards says it all begins with the parents.

"Number one, get them on a schedule. Start to put them to bed a little earlier. I know the kids everywhere...let's start refreshing things...multiplication tables, subtraction, addition, reading."

Contrary to popular belief, kids are not always as active in the summer as in the fall and winter. Getting them up, moving and walking to their bus stop each day is a great way to put your children on the path of higher concentration.

"Movement is going to get you more energy. And the more you move the more oxygen and blood is flowing to the brain. That is going to be able to make you be able to learn to read more and to be able to absorb that information."

Theresa Giardine Principal of Emerson Elementary
Theresa Giardine, Principal of Emerson Elementary. (Photo provided by The Communication Solutions Group, Inc.)

With over 30 years of experience in education, Theresa Giardine, Principal of Emerson Elementary in Levittown, Bucks County says children need to take part in the transition process.

"Let your son or daughter go over the school supplies list and pack the school bag," she said. "And all that suggested summer reading, try to get that done a week before school starts. That last week, children should still read or be read too for 30 minutes a day."

Giardine says start to get the children up and ready as if they are going to school. Schedule a tour so they know their way around.

"If this is the first time they are going to school and leaving younger siblings behind, you might want to mention that you will be really bored and their younger siblings will be really bored while they have a great time at school," she said.

And make sure all their summer reading assignments are completed before they walk through those school doors.

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